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Martin Sign Company is not only focused on the hand crafted signs like hand painting, screen printing and vinyl graphics but it is also a digital printing shop as well.  These means we use digital printers to make signs.  Digital printing is a rockin way to make your sign.  Especially for really large scale jobs or the small signs with a large run.

Okay if are an artist and someone told you that a Coroplast digital printed real estate sign would be art you would laugh out loud.  But I say digital printing has made real estate signs better!  Remember the old days of one or two color real estate signs with stock colors and no bleeds or gradients?  Well that was because it was time consuming to register two colors together with screen printing and it was expensive if you had a small run.  Most Realtors don’t order 100 signs or even a 1000.  They order 10 or 20.  Ten or twenty signs is not enough to justify screen printing and way too much labor to do it in vinyl graphics.  Insert digital printer here.

With digital printing the 10-20 real estate signs are a breeze.  They can be done super fast, but that’s not all!  The best part about digital printing is that you can do a million colors!  Now graphic designers can be let out of their cages and let loose to design the sign the way its meant to be designed.  You can have any color in the rainbow and not be limited to a standard 24 colors of the vinyl chart.  You can have gradients of colors to make your real estate sign look more interesting.  You can have colors bleed off the edge, over lap and blend together.  You can have drop shadows with no problem.

I am calling all Realtors out there to end the bad one color signs.  Hire a graphic designer and go nuts with your signs.  You are no longer limited to one color.  You are no longer charged by the letter!  The revolution is here!

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