A Good Logo Design Makes a Good Sign For Your Business

A good designer equals a good logo design equals a good sign for your business I often tell new companies that I'm working with on their signs that our signs are only as good as the artwork that is given to us. A good logo design is the best way to make any sign look [...]

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Digital Printing Shop- Real Estate Signs

A digital printing shop at its finest Martin Sign Company is not only focused on the hand crafted signs like hand painting, screen printing and vinyl graphics but it is also a digital printing shop as well.  These means we use digital printers to make signs.  Digital printing is a rockin way to make your [...]

Graphic Designers Welcome

A sign professional can be a best friend to graphic designers. Graphic designers are many times in the trenches with the client when it comes to the design process.  Graphic designers are discussing everything with the client from logo design, web design, and packaging design.  If the client has big enough pockets she might hire [...]

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