Dimensional Letters Can Make Your Business a Landmark

Stand out from everyone else with Dimensional Letters

When people talk to you  about visiting places around the world like Mount Rushmore, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, or the Great Wall of China you will know doubt have iconic images stuck in your brain about these places.  These places are famous for attracting millions of visitors and the same millions of people take pictures of themselves in front of these places and share them with their friends on Facebook which inspires more people to make the pilgrimage to these places.

Much like these landmarks around the world there are alos very famous signs that are iconic of places to visit and still attract people to take pictures.  I can think of several in the United States like the Hollywood sign, the Las Vegas sign, and the Wal-Drug billboards all through the Dakotas.  Think about Times Square in New York.  What makes Times Square is the all the signs.  These are iconic images that we might think about if we were to talk about these places.

So how can your new business become a landmark?  I suggest start with a sign made out of dimensional letters.  It is true that it would be a long time before you have millions of people lining up in front of your store front to take pictures of themselves in front of your sign, but you don’t need a million people like that to be a landmark with in your community or neighborhood.  What I’m suggesting is to create a sign that will become iconic with the people that you are trying to attract.

Dimensional letters is a very broad topic.  Dimensional letters can be metal with a wide variety of finishes or a painted plastic.  They can be large or small, illuminated or lit up with spot lights.  Dimensional letters can be mounted flat against the wall or mounted off the wall.  Dimensional signs can be logos too.  The logo can be several different layers for some major impact and contrast.  Dimensional letters can last a really long time too.  If they are made right and installed right your logo or letters can be up there long enough so when your business takes off and gets tweeted by millions or added to their Facebook wall your sign will become a landmark.

Dimensional letters are not limited to the exterior of your building either.  A ton of elevator lobbies and reception areas in large company’s in skyscrapers have dimensional signs that greet their clients as they enter.  Dimensional letters gives your clients a sense of legitimacy when they see your sign.  If you were a law firm on the 30th floor of a building you would not want to put a paper sign on the wall and then expect to get $400 per hour for legal advice.

There are so many options for you to choose from, but it is really worth the extra work to find the right type of dimensional letters to put up on your wall.  Dimensional letters are an investment since you don’t want to change them once they are up.  Hopefully you’ll never want to change them.  So you should really hire a graphic designer and a sign professional to guide you through the process of good design and the right materials and finish to do the job right the first time.  Once its on the wall, only time will tell but maybe someday  you’ll have tour buses driving by your business while tourists take pictures of your sign to share with their friends.

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