Making a Good Impression with your Sign

Your sign says a lot about you and how you run your business.

Making a good impression with your sign is very important to the success of your business.  Think about it.  When you are walking down the street looking for a place to eat for lunch are you likely to walk into a place that has signs taped to their windows and a menu that has items crossed off with marker?  What kind of impression do you think that restaurant is giving you with these kinds of signs?  It scares me to think that if they are lazy and cheap with their sign then how lazy and cheap are they with the lunch meat that they are putting on my sandwich?  If a business wants to make a good impression to their customers then it starts with a good sign.

Think of it this way.  If I have never gone to a sandwich shop before and I am walking around the neighborhood to find a place to eat lunch.  What am I looking for?  I’m looking up and down the street for a sign to tell me where to go.  The sign outside a sandwich place is my first impression of what I might get when I order from the sandwich shop.  The sign is also the first thing that I see that might trigger a response to head to your business if I’m down the street a ways.  If a business has a lightbox or an awning that is falling a part outside, I am less likely to want to visit the restaurant because the sign is not giving me a good impression about how this business might be run.

…if they are lazy and cheap with their sign then how lazy and cheap are they with the lunch meat that they are putting on my sandwich?

Think about the places you like to go eat.  Take a look at their signs.  What do you think of them?  Do the signs leave you with a good impression?  This restaurant I bet has a good atmosphere, great food, great service and is clean and they probably have a great looking sign program.  Why?  Chances are because they pay attention to the impression that all aspects of their business leaves with their customer.  They are taking great care to give a good first impression to the customer.

Make no mistake about it, your sign says a ton about your business.  The impression it leaves may be the reason someone visits your restaurant for the first time.  Along with good service and a good product that customer will tell all her friends and your business will be a great success for a long time.

Making a Good Impression with your Sign

Okay so the signs you have are in disrepair or in need of some updating.  What might you be afraid of to update your signs?  Most of the time its the cost.  I don’t have statistics to prove this, but I think most of the time when I’m talking with clients about their signs, money is a biggest factor on what types of signs get done if they get done at all.

It is because of this reason that at Martin Sign Company we give out free estimates and free consultations.  We know that running a small business is hard work, it takes a lot of time, and it takes lots of money.  Our free estimates and consultations are a way of letting you know the possibilities for your signs so that you might choose which sign you might update first.  We can help you come up with a plan as to what can be done with your signs with different levels of technology and cost out there so you can make the most educated decision about updating your sign program.

Sometimes making a good impression with your sign means you might have a design team like architects, interior designers, contractors, and graphic designers.  At Martin Sign Company we can also be a part of your team.  We have years of art background as well as years in the fabrication of signs so we can consult with you and your team to get the best possible solution at the best price.  As part of your design team we can provide material samples, mock ups, and sound advice as to what types of material to use in all sign scenarios.

If you are business owner or a graphic designer working for a business we would love to hear from you about your next sign project.  Please visit our contact page to tell us about your project.

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