Mission Asset Fund New Dimensional Letters

Mission Asset Fund Acrylic lettersCustom Acrylic Dimensional Letters for Mission Asset Fund in San Francisco

Today’s install was for the Mission Asset Fund in San Francisco. Mission Asset Fund had contact Martin Sign Company to put their logo on their building. Of course we went to visit the job site and interview the client on some of their ideas. We consulted with them. The Mission Asset Fund’s logo is actually a pattern of colored squares and then the name of their company in black.  We gave them the advise that with a dark colored building that the blue, and red squares would not have enough contrast against the building to really be seen by any customers walking down the street. So we advised them on changing the black text to white and also putting the pattern of squares onto a custom shaped white background in order to make it pop.

Dimensional letters are a great solution for the Mission Asset Fund. Dimensional letters have a more classic and elegant look verses putting the logo on a rectangle of white on aluminum or painted wood. They make the business look like they are going to be there a while thus making their clients feel more at ease about walking in or calling on them for their services. The thickness of the dimensional letters looks better too. If we had gone with thinner letters they would look cheap and would not have a very established look to them.

Dimensional letters are a great solution to any company that wants to put their logo on the wall. They are great for street level retail stores and restaurants, but equally great for technology and financial firms that are in skyscrapers. Dimensional letters can become a landmark and memorable to the people that live in the neighborhood. For example that neighborhood bar that wants to be come a meeting place for the happy hour after work or the cafe where people get their early morning jolt of caffeine before work.

Dimensional letters come in all different types of sizes, materials, and colors. Materials like copper, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, acrylics and even high density foam. They can also be installed in a number of different ways. Martin Sign Company can send out a sign professional to your job site to consult with you and your design team to come up with the best solution for your business. So give us a call today!

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