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Urban Group Real Estate signsDimensional Letters San Francisco Signs

Urban Group Real Estate contacted Martin Sign Company for dimensional letters for their new office location on Fillmore Street in San Francisco. The space available for the sign was perfect for dimensional letters since the space was small and really doesn’t lend itself to a big panel sign. Since their logo is primarily text pin mounted dimensional letters were the perfect solution for the narrow space of 6″ by 65″ above their door way.

Even though Urban Group Real Estate went with thinner 1/4″ thick acrylic dimensional letters with the stud mounts on the back we can space the letters off the wall for additional dimension. The space off the wall gives the letters some additional visual interest. Also the bright white color of the acrylic letters on the dark grey background really pops in contrast which makes the sign all the more visible.

In addition to the dimensional letters we also made a hanging sign to project out from the wall. The hanging sign is made out of 3/4″ thick painted MDO with digital graphics mounted to the faces. The wood sign then hangs from a scroll bracket made with steel construction. Hanging signs are great since they project out from the wall so that people who are walking down the sidewalk can see from far away that Urban Group Real Estate is at that location. Hanging signs are great for locations where large signs are not an option. Since Urban Group Real Estate is in a neighborhood and not in a shopping or commercial district there is not a lot of large sign options.

Dimensional letters can come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. If you have a large space or a small space you can use dimensional letters to create a more high end sign look. Dimensional letters can be made out of metal, injection molded plastic, or laser cut acrylics. The letters can be painted in a whole rainbow of colors. Some of the types of businesses that might use dimensional letters would be a technology firms, financial services firm, retail stores, and restaurants and bars.

If you are thinking dimensional letters for your next sign project then please give Martin Sign Company a call and our sign professionals will consult with you and design team to discuss the best options for your budget.

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