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Gallery vinyl graphics displayLocal San Francisco Gallery get vinyl graphics for their latest exhibition

Vinyl graphics are a very flexible and affordable type of sign. For a local San Francisco gallery they hired Martin Sign Company to fabricate and install some medium gray adhesive back vinyl graphics to mount on their painted drywall. Vinyl graphics go well with artwork or historical artifacts and photographs. The vinyl graphics can be used to inform and educate the gallery patrons with historic and memorable quotes, or with important back story to some of the objects and paintings that they might be witnessing.

The vinyl graphics in a gallery have their own voice. The vinyl graphics are themselves part of the design of the exhibition on display at a museum or gallery. The graphics are often carefully considered. Font type. Font size. Color. How do the lights hit the vinyl graphics? How do the vinyl graphics lay in contrast or in harmony with the painting or sculpture?

Vinyl graphics are made by using a vector based electronic file usually made in a design program like Adobe Illustrator. Long sheets of colored adhesive back vinyl are fed through a computer driven plotter that has a small blade that cuts the images out of the vinyl material. Then a sign professional then gets ride of the negative space that is not to be used in the final sign. All that is left are the individual shapes on a bed of wax backing paper. By applying a adhesive paper transfer tape to the face of the individual shapes and wax paper the vinyl graphics can then be transfered to a smooth surface like painted drywall, metal or glass.

Vinyl graphics can be made very easily. Much more efficiently than hand painting or screen printing. Especially when the gallery or museum is planning on covering a major part of the wall with graphics.

Martin Sign Company would love to consult with your curator for your next exhibition. If you have a show changing soon, a sign professional from Martin Sign Company could come out to do a site survey and show samples of colors and material. Give us a call today for your free quote.

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