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Social Media is MSC’s home away from our home page

Well its a reality of the interent. There are so many websites where people socialize and hang out. I think social media websites are great for companies like sign companies. The sign business is a visual medium. The interent is built for visuals.

Although it’s impossible for MSC to join every social media website known to man, MSC is active on some of the most newsworthy of the social media websites. Here are the social media websites where we are active in posting our latest work. These are also good sites to see more behind the scenes on the signs that we’ve created as well.

Facebook:  I don’t if you are familier with this social media website. If you aren’t familier you should check it out.
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Twitter: Here we show you signs 140 characters at a time.
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Pinterest: A great place to share photos of our latest work.
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Google+: If your into this sort of thing.
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Yelp!: Love it or hate it, we get calls from Yelp almost every day.
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YouTube: I enjoy making videos and video editing.
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