San Francisco Dimensional Letters Grab Customers’ Attention at The Curb

San Francisco Dimensional lettersMartin Sign Company helps pin down your logo with San Francisco dimensional letters

What do all of these companies have in common? Banks, hotels, law firms, ad agencies, restaurants, bars, non-profits, and accountants?

They have all used San Francisco dimensional letters as my clients to advertise either the name of their business or for their clients. Dimensional letters add a touch of class to a building.

Most importantly, they have all literally stopped customers in their tracks while walking by the dimensional sign that Martin Sign Company created for them.

By making your logo or letters of your dimensional sign stand out from the wall, we literally make your business stand out. Dimensional letters can be a wide variety of thicknesses or we can use pins to mount them off the wall so it looks like your company name is floating in thin air. Dimensional letters can be seen from far off distances when posted high enough on the building.

Think of how impressed your clients (and your Mother) would be if the name of your company were attached to your reception lobby, or the front of your own building. Your neighbors will love it too. Maybe once you put your name in dimensional letters people in your own neighborhood will know that you are there.

San Francisco dimensional letters come in sorts of colors, materials, and sizes. Custom painted acrylic dimensional letters are a great solution to a reception lobby for a law or financial firm. Exterior dimensional letters are nice looking in different kinds of metal like bronze, aluminum, steel, and copper. The metal letters can come in a variety of finishes as well. Satin, polished, anodized, or oxidized to show a more aged look.

The only limits to San Francisco dimensional letters are your imagination, as well as the creative guidance, experience and guidance of the Martin Sign Company.

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