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[uds-billboard name=”A-Frames” ]Sidewalk signs or a-frame signs can come in all different shapes and sizes. Sidewalk signs are a great way to grab the customers attention while they are walking by your San Francisco store or restaurant. You can inform your customer with your a-frame by putting information on the these sidewalk billboards. Whether you use literature holders, chalkboards, dry erase, or just static vinyl graphics the information you put on the a-frames can totally be custom and specific to the kind of customer you are trying to attract.

Some sidewalk signs just need to tell the customer one thing. WE ARE OPEN! Some store fronts are dark and may not have the type of signs that help the customer know if they are open or not. You might just put your logo on the a-frame with your store hours and maybe a website or a list of services. For many businesses this maybe all you need.

For some businesses like restaurants or bars a sidewalk signs needs to say more. Restaurant a-frame signs need to maybe have the daily special written on the a-frame with chalk or dry-erase. Maybe the bar has a happy hour they want to let people know about and what the happy hour specials might be. Or the bar might have a special event like a Super Bowl or World Series game where special pricing might apply if you eat or drink there during the game. Pretty much any time you have information that needs to change on a frequent basis the sidewalk signs need to have a way of changing that information quickly and efficiently. Chalkboards and dry-erase panels are a good way to do this.  In my sign expert opinion dry-erase boards look bad on sidewalk signs and should be left for board rooms.

You can put too much on your sidewalk signs too. Too much information will not attract the attention you want. People are in a hurry and really don’t want to stop and read a long dissertation while on the sidewalk. DO NOT put a bunch of items from your menu with a long description. Not only is there too many words, but you probably wrote the information in your ugly looking hand writing and the text will be too small to read. Pick one or two items and be big and bold in your writing. Avoid wordy descriptions that people just skim over.

Sidewalk signs are a great complimentary sign to the rest of your sign program. But sidewalk signs should be able to stand alone since they might be down the street pointing the customers in the right direction to your store. Make sure your sidewalk sign is nice and clean. Broken a-frames will broadcast to the world that you are not taking care of your signs so how might you take care of your customers? A-frames get beat up. They fall down, sometimes they are heavy and they get dragged from place to place. You want to allow in your sign budget money to have your signs replaced or refurbished from time to time to make sure they are looking sharp.

There are so many options out there for sidewalk signs. They can be tall, short, cut to a custom shape, they can have wheels, bells and whistles. If you’d like to have a sign professional talk to you about your sidewalk sign solution please don’t hesitate to call Martin Sign Company.

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